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Swapmeets Home

2020 Australian Swapmeet dates and list.

Given the change in circumstances globally around COVID-19 we at AU Swapmeets are updating as requested those swapmeets that are postponed/cancelled.  We can also make the assumption that due to the social distancing rule that all swapmeets are postponed even if they have not been explicitly called out.

Au Swapmeets will be up to date, respond to emails and inquiries and have simple user submission form to add swapmeet info ( including pictures )

Sick of bad swapmeet information or dates that appear to be 3 years old? So were we!

Swapmeets are broken down to state:

Victorian Swapmeets Click here->  Victorian Swapmeets

Queensland Swapmeets Click here -> Queensland Swapmeets

South Australia Swapmeets Click here -> SA Swapmeets

New South Wales Swapmeets Click here -> NSW Swapmeets

Western Australia Swapmeets Click here -> W.A. Swapmeets

Tasmania Swapmeets Click here -> TAS Swapmeets

Northern Territory Swapmeets Click here -> NT Swapmeets

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