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2023 Australian Swapmeet dates and list.

Given the change in circumstances globally around COVID-19 we at AU Swapmeets are updating as requested those swapmeets that are postponed/cancelled.

Au Swapmeets will be up to date, respond to emails and inquiries and have simple user submission form to add swapmeet info ( including pictures )

Sick of bad swapmeet information or dates that appear to be 3 years old? So were we!

Swapmeets are broken down to state:

Victorian Swapmeets Click here->  Victorian Swapmeets

Queensland Swapmeets Click here -> Queensland Swapmeets

South Australia Swapmeets Click here -> SA Swapmeets

New South Wales Swapmeets Click here -> NSW Swapmeets

Western Australia Swapmeets Click here -> W.A. Swapmeets

Tasmania Swapmeets Click here -> TAS Swapmeets

Northern Territory Swapmeets Click here -> NT Swapmeets


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